Attention: Happiness Seeker!

Welcome to the greatest solution ever created. What could be more important than ending unhappiness and freeing you from the stress, conflict and pain most of us tolerate for decades in our lives and most carry to the grave?  What could be more important than connecting you to your Soul’s true passion, purpose and meaning?  The Stairway to Happiness Heaven This ground-breaking program is designed for the busy person with lots on their plate and little time and/or money to dedicate to new projects.  Since the project of ‘you’ is the most important one you will ever undertake, and normally the last one any of us does undertake, this is an easy way to get yourself started and moving toward resolving your unhappiness.  The benefits for you and those around you will be enormous.  Your motivation, productivity, health and relationships will all benefit from the project you are starting on.

What does the program include?
  • One new email per week with simple and practical tips and exercises that will have you feeling better and doing better in no time.
  • Membership in the private Happiness Nation social media site where Stephen posts and comments daily, and you will be able to share and communicate with others on this project.
  • You get to join up once a month in a teleseminar or a webinar with Stephen to gain some new insights, ask questions, and receive on-the-spot coaching when you want it.
These items will provide you with your daily happiness connection and focus to speed your journey toward leaving unhappiness way behind as you move ahead.
What you pay for all this is just $19.97 per month

Simply click on the button below to enjoy these benefits on your trip up The Stairway to Happiness Heaven.

Sadri S was stressed and frustrated with his home life. Through regular Happiness Works coaching, his relationship with his wife, children and in-laws dramatically shifted for the better. His home life became happy and at work he was promoted rapidly as the coaching progressed. Are you willing to make a shift in your way of living for the better. There is no other way than to start with improving our mindset which then changes our feelings and allows us to take new actions.


Do you know that a 2-year scientific study of over 3,000 people from 79 countries revealed that at work:

  • Happy people are 47% more productive than unhappy people
  • Happy people have 180% more energy than unhappy people
  • Happy people take 25% fewer sick days than unhappy people
  • Happy people are 108% more engaged in life than unhappy people
  • Happy people are 50% more motivated than unhappy people
  • Happy people have 25% more self-belief than unhappy people