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54 Ways To Stay Positive In A Changing Challenging and Sometimes Negative World
by JoAnna Brandi, Return On Happiness
What does it take to stay positive and upbeat in this crazy world?  Practice.  Practice.  Practice. Happiness Coach JoAnna Brandi shares a powerful set of strategies in a lighthearted way in this e-book. Give your attitude a little more altitude and your life a little more lift!


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STUCKNESS: Get Unstuck, Get Going
by Lynnea Hagen, M.S., Certified Higher Ground Leadership(TM) Coach, Speaker, Success Plan Strategies, Certified Dream Coach, and Author



Achieve Your Dreams – Envision, Strategize and Step Boldly Into The New Year (Exclusive Online Webinar)

hosted by Lynnea Hagen, M.S., Certified Higher Ground Leadership(TM) Coach, Speaker, Success Plan Strategies, Certified Dream Coach, and Author



The Clearing Audios: Clear Out Your Inconsistencies And End Counter-Intention Behavior (In Other Words: Get Out Of Your Own Way!) by Pat O’Bryan, CEO of Practical Metaphysics, Inc., Director of the Milagro Research Institute, award winning songwriter, recording artist, visual artist, author, video producer and internet marketer. 



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Coach, Speaker and Author Kim Kirmmse Toth of Positive Aging Inc, shares a free e-book on how you can create fast income, even if you are new to business.  This report will explain all about High End Platinum Programs and how you can easily add them to your business.



Secrets To Living A Soul-cial Life: 8 Daily Practices To Turn Any Transformation Into A Celebration
by Teri Griffin Williams with The Bliss Network
How we move through transitions big (and small) is dependent on one thing – choice. Soul-cial Living, living for your soul’s highest good takes practice, determination and a positive attitude – just like riding a bike or becoming a Karate master, the more we practice, the easier, more natural, it becomes. 



A Moment For Me: Self Care For Busy People:
 36 FREE Things You Can Do In 30 Seconds To Change Your Day For The Better
by Alice Langholt


Read Kelley Powell’s edgy young adult novel, The Merit Birds, before everyone else does!
 This breakthrough novel will be published by Dundurn Press in May 2015, but Stephen Whiteley’s readers can get their free copy today. 



Say ‘Yes!’ to Mariachi: Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone
by Best-Selling Author Jennifer Colford
A special report by Jennifer Colford, International Best Selling author of Managing Mothering: Simple Shifts to Help You Become the Best Mom on the Planet. Could your perceived limitations be holding you back from living the life you really want? Learn why you need to get out of your comfort zone and get tips to show you how.


FREE BONUS #11:HappinessWorks_Bonus12Sick and Tired of Law of Attraction Non-Sense?
Get A Realistic, Simple, Step-By-Step System to Finally Make Your Dreams A Reality!
by Tamara Baruhovich / Abundance4Me


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7 Secrets To Achieving Your Dream Lifestyle
by Deborah MacDonald, Lifestyle Business Consultant
Too many people are working their butts off, are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out and don’t even have time to think about their dream lifestyle, much less make it happen. It doesn’t have to be that way. This book is your first step towards transforming your lifestyle!


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GPS Wealth: Your Roadmap To Growth, Success and Abundance

Enjoy a FREE audio chapter from Bruce McGregor’s book, GPS Wealth: Your Roadmap to Growth, Success and Abundance, which gives you the tools to help you access your own Growth, Prosperity and Success! Bruce has spent many years inspiring others to reach for their own dreams and goals and to make a difference in the world.