In this day and age, there are many of us hating our job. Whether we are an employer, employee or a solopreneur, there are too many stresses and conflicts to make the job enjoyable as well as too much criticism or judgement to feel valued and appreciated.

 What can we do when we find our self in this position, dreading going to work and feeling so stressed when we get home that we don’t want to do anything but consume, and watch TV or mindlessly surf the Internet?

 It is easy to think that the situation is hopeless. After all, is the boss ever going to change, or is the workload ever going to shrink?

 Well, read on because there may be a new way of considering this you haven’t thought of before.

 As a first step, let’s narrow down what the problem actually is. It is easy to take a problem and blow it out of proportion, so just this simple step can sometimes make a huge difference for the better.

 Is the problem the boss, the workload, a co-worker or some domestic issue carrying over to the workplace? Or is it the type of work, so that you are bored or find yourself working against your values?

 If you answered all of the above, chances are you are in for the best and the worst news.

 If the problem is this widespread, it probably comes back to our self. Yes, that is the bad news and the great news.   Bad news because it means that we are responsible for our own actions and results and getting what we want will take a few changes on our part.

 It is great news, because it means we have control over the situation. It means we can make the changes and change our results. And as we are changing our own way of living for the better, in my experience, those around us will also start shifting their way of living for the better.

 If the problem is outside us, and is confined to one or two of the areas listed above, let’s get down to some detail on how and what is happening.

 Let’s say we are having trouble with the boss. Is it that he or she doesn’t understand us, isn’t planning ahead and/or is setting a double standard; “do what I say, not what I do”.

 It is very difficult, if not impossible, to change another person into what we want them to be. So the other solution is to accept them as they are. Which is, of course, exactly what we want them to do for us.

 And while we are at it, accepting our self just as we are, is also a good idea.

 If the issue is a lack of planning, then do some planning yourself and if possible, include some colleagues, and then nonchalantly give it to the boss with a note that says something like, “this is the planning I/we are doing and if you have any problems with or additions to this, please let me/us know”. In this way, the boss may or may not become a planner, but you will have a plan to work on that the boss is aware of.

 If the problem is a co-worker, what is the specific issue? One of the easiest ways of resolving conflict is to stop expecting others to do and be like us. That is, stop expecting them to exhibit our values and skills. It is not likely, and in most cases not possible, and almost always not desirable for others to be like us. So let’s give up on the idea that anyone can be like we are. It is simply not possible.

 If the problem is workload, here is a suggestion. Start to prioritize and schedule work. Decide the most important tasks and schedule them over the next 5-day period. Assign a specific time to address each of the important issues and stick to that time.   If you are nearing overwhelm, list all of your tasks and assign them a priority. Send this list to your boss with a note that says something like, “this is my current task list prioritized as I see it. If you see it differently, please let me know”.

 This has the effect of showing your boss exactly what you have on your plate without whining, gives the boss a chance to input, and normally will keep the boss from piling on more tasks in the short term. You see, the boss cannot manage our time and workload. This is because the boss has no idea how long it takes us to do things, and also has no idea of what we take on that the boss has not assigned.

 Therefore, we must manage our own workload and keep our boss informed.

 If you are unhappy about the type of work, you have two choices. Choice one is to change jobs and get another kind of work, either within your current company or with another. Choice two is to find some higher meaning in what you are currently working on. Asking ourself, “what is the meaning in this?” can help immensely in rediscovering the joy of working. All work has some higher purpose so we can always find more meaning. For instance, washing dishes is normally considered very mundane. However, when we ask what the meaning in this is, we may get the answer that it is about creating a happy and healthy environment for us and our family. It feels much better to work on creating a happy and healthy environment than to clean up a mess of dishes. 

 So what happens when we are hating our work? Our energy is low, our creativity is low, and our health is declining. We are often angry at our outer world and angry at our self because we are not producing well.

 So let’s get down to the brass tacks, find out what the real issue is, and get working on the solutions mentioned above. This will not only help our job performance, but also our feelings about our self and our health.

 It takes effort to gain control over our own way of living and our results. However, in general, this effort is preferable to the work of questioning our self and dealing with the bad feelings that come from avoiding the important issues.

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