The Science of Happiness

The science is clear, happiness does support everything that we truly want.

Happiness researcher Dr Sonja Lyubomirsky, following her study of more than 200 research projects, concluded that happy people:

  • Make more money and are more productive at work
  • Are more creative
  • Are better leaders and negotiators
  • Are more likely to get married
  • Have more fulfilling marriages
  • Have more friends
  • Are more philanthropic
  • Cope better with stress and trauma
  • Are more resilient
  • Have stronger immune systems
  • Live longer[1].

 At Happiness Works, we would also assert that happiness promotes better sleeping and stronger bodies.

 The real question is whether there is anything that we really want that is not on this list.

 While the Positive Psychology community defines happiness as a “feeling of subjective well-being”, Happiness Works has an alternative view.

 At Happiness Works, we believe that happiness is harmony, harmony with our self, harmony with our environment (people, places and things) and harmony with our purpose for living.

 Having spoken with many Positive Pyschology researchers, they have no argument with our definition either. In fact, recent research is dramatically supporting the Happiness Works definition as the studies show that meaning, which comes from purpose, is a key contributor to happiness on a sustained basis.

 Also, there is much research on the role of stress in creating and supporting disease within the body. Of course, harmony is the opposite of stress and therefore, this explains why happiness promotes health or in accordance with the list above, ‘cope better with stress and trauma, have stronger immune systems, and live longer’.

 The real question is how do we use science to help us get and keep more happiness for our selves and those around us. Happiness Works continues to monitor and work with the scientific community to ensure we are on board with the latest findings, to promote research in areas we believe are useful and to bring you the latest discoveries in a way that makes them accessible and valuable.

 So rest assured that at Happiness Works, you will find the scientific backing for what you are learning and be at the cutting of research in this area.

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