Happy About Dwindling Sales?

Is this great news in disguise?

What do we normally do when we start noticing dwindling sales? One common idea is to search for the cause and then lay some blame on the weather, the market, the competition, the season, the staff or the news. Then sometimes we take action with some marketing, sales, or targeted staff motivators. If this works, then we often go back to the old way of operating until the next crisis.

What is the real cause of dwindling sales? It seems that the root cause is a lack of raving fan clients. Another way to consider dwindling sales is that it is a sign of shrinking market share, when what we are wanting is growth.

So how do we create raving fan clients and ensure we are consistently growing?

The best way to get raving fan clients is to create raving fan employees and the best way to get the raving fan employees is through collaboratively working to support their efforts and abilities to do their job and setting an example by doing what you love. Also, it can help immensely to help your employees to understand the greater meaning than just a paycheck that their job is bringing them.

One of the main issues in business that saps the energy of employees is a sole focus on money-making. Of course, money is important and most of us want more of it. However, it seems to me that a more effective business focus is the benefits being provided to the clients to solve their problems. When we are consistently making happy clients, the money keeps on flowing.

By focusing on the problem solving benefits we provide our clients, we start to focus more on our clients than our selves. This is a critical step that allows us to see our clients in a new light, rather than just being our money providers, they are the source of our curiosity over how to serve them better, and that is becoming our creativity that continues to develop better and better solutions for them.  

Changing our focus like this also has the unique benefit of getting to know our clients better as we continue our drive to understand their wants and needs so we can provide better solutions.

All of this focus on the client is what is driving very successful companies to grow and flourish despite the outer conditions. For people will go to, and spend their money where they feel appreciated, known and cared for.    

If you are following this train of thought so far, how does this translate to being happy about dwindling sales? It works like this. Dwindling sales are sign that our focus is in the wrong place. What could be more important than gaining this insight? This is the great news in disguise – it’s time for us to better our in-house meaning and collaboration to enhance our  service to our clients.

Only when we have understanding can we take ideal action to solve a problem. Therefore, I am always delighted to see a problem. That tells me that there is something I am either not understanding or not doing, and this is merely an opportunity to grow as a person and a business. Gaining new skills, new emotions, new habits and new actions is the only thing that consistently brings new results.

 So perhaps it is time to have a think about where the primary focus is on your business. Is it on the money or on the benefit to the client? When it is on the client, you will come to understand your ideal client much better, and this will allow you to progress your product, your messaging and your success to a greater and greater degree over time.

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