What is art? According to my Webster’s Dictionary art is “a skill acquired as a result of experience, study or observation”. This would make sense in the field of happiness when we are able to apply happiness to what we are doing in a useful, sometimes creative, and helpful way.   I have been experimenting with this for many years and learned to apply happiness to fitness, creativity, social environments and coaching.

When applying the art of happiness, after we have ended unhappiness for good, or when we are on the pathway to doing so, how do we know when demonstrable happiness is a good thing or otherwise?

There are certainly times when big smiles and laughs are unwelcome such as at an accident scene or a funeral. So even if we can see the higher truth of these occasions, such as the fine humanitarian work being done by first responders at the accident scene or picturing the free soul of the dearly departed enjoying itself on the next plane of existence, we can exercise our skills in respecting those around us with differing perspectives.

If you are familiar with the emotional scale where the low end of the positive emotions is hopefulness and optimism, this is a better place to operate than on the negative side where the gateway emotions are boredom and apathy and it goes downhill from there.

So the core of the art of happiness is the awareness of the greater situation around us and our ability to stay at the level of hopeful optimism no matter what is happening. This is not to say we are better off denying our negative emotions. This is to say that as we reach higher levels of awareness, we can choose our emotions more easily and rapidly.

Since negative emotions promote stress, disease and low energy levels, it is better to stay on the positive side for our peace of mind, health and productivity.

On the other hand, when we have mastered greater awareness, we can see the higher truth in everything and in so doing, avoid the pitfalls of negativity that are so prevalent in our society.

So as we master the art of happiness we are letting go of our own negativity, we are gaining a great understanding of the higher truth of living (the road to enlightenment) and we are maintaining our emotions on the positive scale of hopeful optimism or higher.

And this art of happiness is a key fundamental to living harmoniously with others that are less enlightened.   So let us celebrate this understanding of the art of happiness and share the news with all who are open to listening.

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