Adopt a New Way of Living to Age Happily

As we age, it is easy to accept the idea that getting older is a process of steady loss of health, abilities and faculties. Yet not everybody does this.

Death may be inevitable for all us, but some remain vibrant and capable until the end and are generally very happy. Others end their days otherwise and wonder why it is so difficult.

We are not in total control of everything that happens to us, but we do have significant influence on the outcomes of our lives, and this has everything to do with our way of living.  

To illustrate how the way we live influences our outcomes, let us consider the stories of Jane and Joe.

Jane is positive and outgoing. She gets out of bed in the morning and has a list of things to do that she loves to check off as she goes about her day. She has the normal challenges of balancing demands, budgeting, and making time to nourish herself, but the challenges are easier since the kids are grown, and she is now much more clear on what she likes, what she is good at, and what makes her feel great about herself. Although she has some of the usual challenges of colds, and slowing down a bit, she is more focused on her contribution to the local community and her connection to her family and friends. Jane feels good about her efforts and is well-connected with the people she is around.

Joe is great guy. He likes to drink coffee with his buddies, and has the occasional drink at the local curling rink. They talk a lot about old times and how the world is going downhill. Joe’s friends are a little overweight and the most exercise they do is raising a glass and walking to the washroom. They are a little concerned about their health, and talk a fair amount about the lesser capabilities they are noticing in themselves, and in each other. It seems like there is more and more to complain about every week.

While Jane is feeling good about what she is being and doing, Joe is feeling good about what he is consuming and how things are going downhill. This difference in their way of living makes a huge difference in their outcomes. Joe is much more likely to suffer health challenges and a decreasing quality of life.

When we think about it, it becomes clear that living is moving. In fact, that is how we can tell if something is alive or dead, whether or not it is moving. So moving is not only a sign of life, it is a promoter of life. When we are changing things, we are creating something new in and around us. This creation might be a better relationship, a craft or a meal, or some new facility that somebody else can benefit from. Most of all, when we are moving, we are promoting health, strength and endurance.

Many of us have never been fitness persons. We don’t have a history of exercising, or it’s a long time ago, so we no longer consider it a part of who we are. In fact, we may also consider that we are too old to change – be it starting an exercise program or enrolling in a cooking class.

But of course, changing is always going on. Nature is ever evolving and we are a part of nature.   Our real choice is whether changes we undertake or undergo are going to be for the better.

The ideals of comfort, fast and easy fixes, and pleasure are constantly being pushed at us. These messages are seductive, usually promising leisure, warmth and ease. What they don’t say is that these fixes are temporary, cost us, and normally make us weaker in some way.    

What we want most is to feel meaning and fulfillment but how do we do this?

Meaning comes from being authentic and sharing our gifts with others. You will know what you are best at. It will be different from everybody else. Who can use and appreciate your gift? Sharing your gift is what will make you feel great about yourself. And feeling great about yourself is what allows you to stay active and promote healthy and connected living. To start changing in this direction, here are a couple of small steps.

  • Start changing small and slowly. Pick one small action that you can do differently that helps you grow as a person in some way. This can be as simple as walking once around your car before getting in, taking stairs instead of escalators, walking the stairs where you live instead of avoiding them, or writing a letter to a loved one.
  • Do this small change for at least a month and put your end date on your calendar when you start.
  • At the one month point, pick another small activity and add it on in the same way. Keep at it and in a year you will be amazed at your progress.

Science has clearly shown that active and positively social living is a happiness, health and wealth builder. It is never too late for positive change because all of living is changing.

Make this your year to take charge of your way of living and start ending unhappiness for good.

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