Stephen Whiteley delivers a message that our society is desperately in need of. Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! is an excellent agent for positive social change.”

T. Harv Eker, Author of #1 NY Times bestseller,

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Happiness Works! 

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Become free to be happy in ALL your relationships – intimate, personal, and business. They’re all important.


We spend a great amount of time of our lives working. Transform your experience at work to a happy and fulfilling one.


Running a business can be challenging, but with the right attitude, even the seemingly worst situations can be turned into happy results.


Happiness is an art – and art can arguably be subjective. Learn how to master the art of happiness.


The science behind living our lives as happy human beings can be mysterious, but it doesn’t have to be. Remove the mystery.


Is life dwindling down, or just getting good? It’s actually a choice, and happiness will help you choose wisely.


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Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! can help you raise your happiness level beyond what you think is possible!”

– Marcy Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author,

Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret



Happiness Works!

Get Yours Here! 

– Inspirational Book of the Year!

Stephen L. Whiteley 

– Inspirational Man of the Year!

This book contains special insights into precisely how to end unhappiness – for good!

Wouldn’t It Be Ridiculously Awesome If You & Your Loved Ones Could Be Suddenly Amazingly Happy?

…At Home, At Work, In Relationships & During Retirement!

The 3rd edition of “Happiness Works! Get Yours Here” will:

  • Facilitate vibrant physical, mental & spiritual health
  • Transform your physiology for a stronger body
  • Allow you to finally lose addictions (of any nature)
  • Enable empowering family, friend and business relationships
  • Finally free you to benefit from a clearer mind
  • Enable you to sleep restfully and through the night
  • Ignite a new-found self awareness and inner beauty
  • Double (or even triple) your productivity
  • Grow your wealth — financially and beyond
  • Effortlessly transform those around you with your happy energy
  • Allow you to simply be happy to get out of bed in the morning!
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Stephen L. Whiteley

Who I am

My name is Stephen Whiteley. I used to be a Master of Destruction as a fighter pilot. Now I am a Master of Happiness and Harmony, and spend my days helping others achieve true and lasting happiness, no matter where they are starting from.

What I do 

I love to help people let go of their stress, conflict and hurts to embrace their deepest held desires and enjoy the happy way of living. There is still hope for you and yours!

Why I do it

I was living the happy life and then was brought down by marital strife. This felt so wrong and I felt powerless to change it. However, when I finally made a decision to get happy again, and took some new action, to my surprise, the relationship started getting better. My wife and I are now more deeply in love than ever, I have ended unhappiness in my life, and it is so rewarding to bring this gift to others.


A Special Video Message From Stephen L. Whiteley

   Happiness Is Harmony!   

Happiness Works! unleashes your unlimited potential to create even More Harmony!

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Watch Happiness Working! For Others!

You can get Happiness Working! for you too…

Sonya is happily letting go of conflict!

Sonya has two teenage boys. As she is getting happier, she is learning to let go of conflict and is helping the boys learn from their own mistakes.

Ian left behind his road rage!

Ian has taken a new perspective on living at 62 years of age. See what he has to say about Happiness Works and its impact on him and those around him.

Chuck was managing a project outside his expertise!

The project was stalled and Chuck was depressed as a result. With Stephen’s help, Chuck found a way around his difficulties and and regained his high level of happiness, as well as resolving the situation around the project. Check it out! Happiness works for Chuck.

Laura had a dysfunctional childhood and trouble with self care and family relationships.

She has let these troubles go and is now happy and moving ahead.

Linda had multiple challenges and was off work with stress.

As happiness blossomed in her life, everything started shifting for the better. There is no better way to release and resolve your troubles.

See and hear Bruce describing how he went from good to great!

Lillian Gets Happiness Working For Her at 71 Years of Age!

Lillian is 71 at this filming. She was labelled mildly mentally retarded at birth and has been stressed, mistreated and depressed her entire adult life. She worked with Happiness Works and Stephen Whiteley for 6 months in 2013. This video documents the surprising results.


Darryl is a financial professional and was performing well. Still, with Stephen’s help he is now feeling and acting much more positively and energetically. Happiness is working for Darryl!


Lana was feeling very stressed when she came to Stephen. Now she has effervescent energy and has left stress behind. She has ended unhappiness for good and is reaping the benefits from this with her business and family.

Stephen Whiteley offers the fundamental, practical tools to reveal your truest happiness! He sheds light on past behaviours and unhealthy belief systems and guides you on a journey to overall balance, well being and ultimately, harmony. If you ever wanted to know more about your true purpose in life, then Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! gets straight to the matter, and Stephen does no less than raise the conscious vibration of the human heart…Don’t Wait! Get Happy Now!
Debra Wilson, Actress/ Comedian MADtv
Now we have the next step forward with Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! The Ideas in this book have given me a new perspective on how to connect with true and lasting happiness. This book is a tour-de-force for all happiness seekers.
Keith Leon, Bestselling Author - Who Do You Think You Are? Discover Your Purpose in Life
In 2012, I had surgery. The night before the surgery, Stephen Whiteley coached me over the phone. We spent about 45 minutes talking & did this exercise in which I communicated with my body. After our session I slept better than I had for many weeks. The surgery was a success & even the Doctor seemed surprised at the outcome. Unlike my initial procedure in which I was bedridden for almost a month, I felt good after this surgery and had high energy that surprised many of my concerned family and friends. I can’t recommend Stephen highly enough if anyone is facing any type of trouble and feeling anxious about it. Thank you Stephen for making such a positive difference in my life.
Lori B., Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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